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New Year, New Opportunities

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined StatDNA as Vice President of Analytics and Software Development.  This is a super exciting opportunity for me as I’ll be combining my loves of software development, data analysis and soccer.  What could be better?  I’ll hopefully have some blog posts up for StatDNA over at their blog soon using their best in breed data.  I will continue to update this site as well although not as frequently.  Thanks to Jaeson and the rest of the StatDNA team for giving me this opportunity!


  1. Sarah -

    Congratulations! Looks like new challenges and opportunities ahead. It is very cool to see yet another member of the Soccer Analysts community get a paid gig in the field – there is no better job than the one you already love to do without the reward of pay as a motivator. Does this mean you’ll be moving from Seattle?

  2. Ali says:

    So happy for your success. You have just landed the type of job we all want (getting paid to work with soccer and stats). Will also continue to read the new blogs over at StatDNA.

  3. Andy says:

    Congrats Sarah!

  4. Gummi says:

    Congratulations. I’m excited to see the analysis over at the StatDNA blog.